NemerleWeb is a Reactive Web Application Framework.
It differs from other frameworks by:

How to install?

It's real easy! If you've ever installed Chocolatey, then it should be familiar. Open a command prompt, and paste following command:

C:\> powershell -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy unrestricted -Command "iex ((new-object net.webclient).DownloadString(''))"

This script will check for following components and install them if necessary:

Creating project

There are two ways to create and run NemerleWeb projects

Visual studio 2012

Start your Visual Studio 2012 and go "File -> New Project -> Nemerle -> NemerleWeb project" When project is created, hit F5. You should see NemerleWeb default page in the browser. Now you can go to MVVM/MainPage.n and begin coding.

Command prompt

In console, go to directory you want to create project in. Type:

nweb create MyProjectName
Obviously, you are free to substitute MyProjectName with something more meaningful for you. Now go to created project directory
cd MyProjectName
and build your newly created project
nweb build
Now you can run it
nweb run
This will fire up IISExpress and open your project in the browser. You should see NemerleWeb default page in the opened tab. Page logic is located in MVVM/MainPage.n file. Use your text editor of choice to modify it. You will have to open second console window, because first one will be occupied by IISExpress. Once you opened it and changed current directory to your project path, you can rebuild project
nweb build
And refresh browser tab. Your modifications should take effect after you refresh page in browser.